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Published 23/03/2017

Canal Frío, serving Aragon's food industry

The Zaragoza Goods Terminal has launched Canal Frío, a regular rail service for refrigerated containers to facilitate the internationalisation of the food industry of Aragon and Northeast Spain.

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Published 20/10/2016

Port Challenge Barcelona, committed to innovation and entrepreneurship

Port Challenge Barcelona is a business acceleration programme to foster the development of innovative projects boost the efficiency and competitiveness of Barcelona Logistics Community.

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Published 05/10/2016

Port encourages cooperation between companies and individuals

The Port is working with the company GettingContacts to organise efficient executive networking between shippers and logistics operators, facilitating meetings between new partners and developing new projects and businesses in the hinterland.

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Published 12/07/2016

Panama and Cuba: two great business opportunities

As the destination of Barcelona Port's next multi-sector mission, both countries embody different economic models, are in the midst of growth and international expansion and offer excellent conditions for foreign investment

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Published 14/03/2016

Port incorporates improvements in customs procedures

Two improved customs processes - the Customs one-stop-shop in Spain and the Union Customs Code in the EU - provide documentary processes to operators, importers and exporters.

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Published 10/03/2016

The Port brings in a procedure for communicating container weight

The SOLAS agreement means that containers must be weighed before shipment from 1 July 2016. Barcelona is the first port in Spain to complete the documentary procedures and incorporate the new rules.

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